Nonfiction Challenge

OK, as a very new and still not even properly set up blog, I have no idea what I’m doing in terms of the bloggy etiquette, or really for that matter how to participate, but I’m going to take part in the Nonfiction Reader Challenge 2021 hosted by Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out.

The category list is interesting and I think I’ll commit to 6 or maybe 7 of these, which makes me a Nonfiction Nibbler.


1. Biography

2. Travel

3. Self-help

4. Essay Collection

5. Disease

6. Oceanography 

7. Hobbies

8. Indigenous Cultures

9. Food

10. Wartime Experiences

11. Inventions

12. Published in 2021

I was going to say, ‘I read about an equal quantity of fiction and nonfiction’ but maybe it just seems that way because nonfiction is more rigorous and less engrossing than fiction. The balance is probably skewed more to fiction. But six books: how hard can it be? Will I have to stretch the definitions to meet the categories? (I’m going for Biography, Travel, Essay Collection, Disease, Oceanography, Indigenous Cultures and 2021.)


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